Architectural Review

Our covenants require that before any modifications can be made to the exterior of any residence or to any lot, approval by the Architechtural Review Committee (ARC) is required. 

Any resident wishing to make exterior modifications to their residence or lot (examples include but are not limited to exterior additions, siding, fences, tree plantings, etc.) should review the covenants and then use the form below to submit the proposed modifcation(s) to the ARC via email ( or mail (P.O. Box 40093 Columbia, SC 29240).

Upon receipt of a modification request, the ARC will have 45 days to review and approve, approve with conditions or disapprove the proposed modification. When the ARC requests additional information from a homeowner, it will have 10 additional days to review the changes, following the submission of the additional information. The applicant will be informed in writing of ARC’s decision via email or mail.

Currently, the ARC consists of the elected officers.

Submit via email to


Mail to 

P.O. Box 40093

Columbia, SC 29240

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